Fat vs muscles

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First, our body is made of fat mass and less muscle.
Lean muscle includes fluid, internal organs, bones, and muscles.
Fat mass includes fat.
As we lose weight, we have to make sure we are not losing the lean muscle mass, because the body will look weak compared to shedding fat mass that strengthens the muscle mass that leads to a fit body look.
Weight loss based on one rule- CALORIC intake should be less than caloric expenditure.
Quality weight loss means- decrees in fat mass and preservation/increase in muscle mass.
In this way, we can maintain lean muscle mass.

simply put- there is no way to change fat into muscle- they`re different kinds of tissue .
The best way to maximize muscle gain is to incorporate resistance training into your workout resistance, such as bodyweight training (can be your body weight as resistance), Lifting weights, or using resistance machines.
We have to maintain a proper nutrition diet and an adequate amount of protein in a day.
The muscle mass is maintained and does not break down to supply energy to the body.
you might feel stronger, healthier,fitter and self confident with your body.


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