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I’m here to guide you to a place of loving and accepting yourself, exactly as you are. I believe acceptance is where true transformation begins.

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Passionate, ambitious and dedicated to optimizing the health and wellness of

diverse needs through her academic knowledge in nutrition and exercise


Omrit has done nutrition consulting, group fitness instruction, personal training,

and management. She does not believe in “one size fits all” and therefore customizes her nutrition and fitness plans according to the client’s need.

She has not only worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years; but also completed a Master’s in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University and is a certified life coach.

When it comes to nutrition, she believes in a holistic approach which includes healthy mindset, no shortcuts and healing from the inside out!

Her academic knowledge along with her vast experience with different health issues such as diabetes, MS, high cholesterol and more have provided her with the

confidence to guide individuals and groups on their journey of pursuing a better quality of life and enables her to address issues such as weight loss, lifestyle changes, and overall well-being.

Nutrition package includes:


Want to feel and look your BEST?

Want to start off the summer being your best version?

Want to be energetic, vital, strong and lean?

Want to learn how and what to eat so you can finally reach that goal weight and KEEP it?

Want to learn simple habits that will change your life?

Have you been giving your all at the gym but still don’t see the results you are hoping



If you answered YES to any of the questions above, this is the PERFECT program for


With an experienced, passionate and knowledgeable Wellness Coach having a Master’s

degree in Nutrition and Physiology – we are offering a package just for you!

Omrit normally charges $100 for a single consultation, but we have come up with a

SPECIAL all-inclusive packages which include much more!!!

Basic value package

Only $390 for 3 months ($800 value)

an incredible value package

pay only $700 for 6 months ($1600 value)